TaskNG is a very simple CLI based Task management tool that allows power users to keep track of what they are doing every day without having to leave their terminal!


To install taskng just run

        sudo npm install taskng -g



          usage: node t  [options]

          note     message that you want to store

            -p, --pop       removes an item from your task list
            -e, --edit      edits the task in your list
            -s, --show      show this specific label. To add a label just put : before label. E.g. :foobar
            -v, --version   writes the version to the screen


Viewing Notes

Viewing notes is just a simple call to t as seen below.
view a list of tasks that have been stored

Adding a note

To add a note it is a simple case of

 t Let's add this note!
adding : in front a word to make it a label. If you add :p1 or :p2 you can priortise tasks.

-p, --pop

This will remove items that are currently in your task list

-e, --edit

This will allow us to edit notes that are already stored

t -e 1 change to this
will change the first item to "change to this"

-s, --show

Use this to show only items for a specific label

t -s foobar
will only show items with :foobar label

-v, --version

Show the current version

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